Grooming Cats

 Grooming Your Cats

 It is very important to groom your cats. It helps lessen fur balls, it keeps your kittie’s fur from becoming un-clean, matted, and knotty, it makes them look nice, and it also keeps your cat from shedding fur so much. But how?

 When cats lick their selves, they pick up fur on their tongues, and then they swallow it. after licking their selves so much and swallowing so much fur, the mucas in their stomach and the fur forms a fur ball. And then they throw it up. But the more your brush your cats, the more you can prevent fur balls. Brushing removes fur from your cat so this makes less fur for your cat to lick up and swallow. That means that if you brush your cat very frequently, then fur comes off, then there won’t be enough extra fur that they can swallow it and have a fur ball. So, if you would like to find less fur balls around your house, then you should brush your cat about once a day, twice a day if its a long hair or if it sheds a lot. (You do not have to brush hairless cats!) *** (:

 Brushing your cats can prevent a lot of fur-shedding. Since brushing removes a lot of the dead fur that eventually falls off of your kitty, it lessens the amount of fur that your cat sheds because the brush takes it off instead of it coming off your cat and on to your furniture. So if you’d like to prevent a lot of shedding, then brush cat a lot, especially if its a long hair.

 Brushing can keep your cat’s fur from getting matted, un-clean, and knotty. When you brush your hair, you usually can get the knots and stuff out of it. Its the same with cats. When you brush their fur, you get knots out of it and you keep it from getting matted. You can also get little pieces of cat litter or dirt out of their fur when you brush them with a comb. You can also keep them looking nice when you do this, because when your cat has just been brushed and it has no longer matted, and has no dirt, cat litter, or knots in it’s fur anymore, it looks pretty flashy. So if you’d like to keep your cat clean, un-matted, and it’s fur un-knotted, then you should brush your cat A LOT.

 Hope that you liked my article and learned some good tips on why to brush your cats!

Check back here soon to see if I’ve written any more posts! Thanks for reading!

*You can find cat brushes at your local pet store. Kitty brushes work best on cats.

Keep brushing!




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