My cousin’s kitten, Frisky, just recently got spayed! She just lost a stitch and has been at the vet for the past few hours waiting to get checked out. Please wish for her to get better!


Vespa’s Super Scratcher and Scratching Post Collection

 My cat, Vespa, loves scratching posts and super scratchers. She has three super scratchers and one scratching posts. We usually keep the super scratcher all lined up, and she always chooses one to sit on and scratches a bit, then curls up or lays down on one of three. It is so cute! It is very important to have this for your cat to be entertained by like super scratchers and scratching posts! A lot of cats are entertained by it!

 (Many cats enjoy it even more if you add catnip!)

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SMOKY This is Smoky, a cat from the Carolina PAWS humane society. He’s so cute!

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Subscribe to the CATFANCY magizine

Subscribe to the CATFANCY magazine! It is great to read and is always entertaining and has good advice about cats. I just got subscribed to it and have enjoyed my 1st issue very much!



Pearl’s Birth Day

Pearl’s 1st birthday is coming up on July 4th! She will be turning 1! If anyone would like to wish Pearl a happy birthday, just leave a happy birthday comment!

There’s NOTHING to hate about Black Cats

 A lot of people think bad of black cats and some people even hate them, but I can tell you – those people who hate them are absolutely CRAZY. They are great little cats to have and have wonderful personalities. I have  5 cats and 3 of them are black, and they bring joy and happiness to our home.

 Black cats have the lowest adoption rate at some shelters, sometimes only 35% percent.

 I think that people who don’t like black kitties are CRAZY because they are absolutely wonderful to have. All of mine are sweet and they always act so nice. I love all types of cats so much and I do not think that people should judge them by their colors.

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The Importance of Playing

 It is very important to play with your cats. It keeps them active, at a healthy weight, and it also entertains them, (and maybe even you!) When you have an overweight cat, it is very important to put them on a diet, but it is also very important that you give them exersize by playing with them very frequently. For example, when a kitty does not have a scrathing post around, it might began to scratch furniture. If you are not interested in buying toys from the store for your cats, then strings, pom pom balls, and feathers all make good toys for cats.

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