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Cat Weight Loss

Some cats get over weight from eating too much or not getting enough exercise. It is unhealthy for your kitty not to be at the right size. Here are some ways that you can get an over weight cat to lose some weight:

1. Part of the reason a kitty might be over weight might be because it is getting to much to eat. Ask your vet about special diet foods you can give over weight cats. I have five cats and I have my oldest two, Hopper and Vespa, are on a diet cat food called R/D Prescription Diet. It is a good kind of cat food and it helps cats to lose weight. But I would suggest talking to your vet about what kind of diet cat food to choose for your kitty, because you always want what’s best for your cats. Another thing that you should probably do is once you get a diet cat food for your kitty, look at the bag to see how much of the diet cat food you should put in your kitty’s bowl everyday. You don’t want to give your kitty to much food, even if it is a diet food. It is always good to give your kitty the perfect amount.

2. Exercise! Over weight cats can always lose weight by getting exercise. Cats can lose a lot of weight by playing with cat toys. You can buy great cat toys at your local cat store, or you can make or find your own. Click here to for some great cat toy ideas here at lovablekitties.wordpress.com! My cats love to play with small stuffed animals, and they all love string and yarn. They really like cat nip toys. Cat nip is a special kind of plant that is safe for kitties. Many cats love it. Cats also like pom pom balls, feathers, small pieces of material, and more. We get some of my cat’s favorite cat toys from PETCO, Pet Smart, and we’ve even got some from the dollar store. Cat toys are a great way for an over weight cat to get some exercise.

3. Here is one last tip- try limiting the amount of cat treats that you give your cat. We try to give our kitties about one cat treat a day. Some cat treats are unhealthy for kitties, and could cause them to gain weight if you give them to many of them. Try choosing a treat for your cat that is healthy for your kitty. Usually, you can look at a treat bag and it will say the serving size for your kitty. You can go by the serving size, too. You can also look on a bag of treats and it will usually tell the treat’s ingredients and amount of calories. It is always a good idea to make sure that the cat treats that you give your kitty are not too unhealthy, and to make sure that you don’t over feed treats.

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My cat Hopper has acne on his chin. We found out about it yesterday. Please hope for him to get better!

Cats Can Open Doors?!?!?!

Most of the time, you would think that cats can’t open doors, but believe it or not, my cat Tabitha CAN! Today, she found a door that was closed and she jumped up and opened it, all by herself! Amazing!

Tabitha has never tried to open a closed door before, so this is the first time!

We think that she pushed down on the door handle and then it opened up, but we are not quite sure how she did it.

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Three Black Cats on One Chair


🐱Isn’t this just the cutest picture that you’ve ever seen? My three black cats all on one chair! Hilarous! They all just happened to gather there together and I think that’s super cute. Tabitha is at the top, curled up on that pillow, Annie is laying down right next to Pearl, and Pearl is sitting up straight! I just am so glad that I was Able to snap some pictures of them!

I hope that you like the picture!

Thanks for reading and check back for more posts soon! Bye!

Annie is Not a Picky Eater!

Today, we had two pieces of bread sitting on a plate on the counter. My cat Annie Went over to the bread and started to try to eat it up! We gave her some cat food to eat so she would stop eating the bread. (:

Bye! I’ll write more later today!

Thanks for reading!

Cat Toys

Cat toys of all kinds are great for kitties. Some cat toys like yarn and long strings you might need to shake around drag around to get your cats interested. Other cat toys like feathers, little toy mice or birds, and pom-pom balls are things your cat might be able to play with him/herself. Cat toys are are always great to give your cat some exersize, to interact with your pet, and best of all, it’s a great way for both you and your cat to have fun.

Almost all cats love cat toys and you can bye buy them from your local pet store.

Did you know that you can make cat toys, too? It’s true! Here some great ideas on how:

1. Tie some feathers to the end of a string or some yarn. Maybe even tie some ribbon on, too to make the cat toy a more fun for your cat and to add a little more color. Then, shake the toy around your cat and let the fun begin! You can also take short pieces of yarn or string (about four inches long each) and then tie them all together in the middle. I used three to make one, but you can use more. It is very easy to make and doesn’t take long. My cats love the one I made for them! Cats also like plain long strings, too! Just get a long piece of yarn and let your cat play with it! It may be simple, but it’s a great idea!

2. Get some felt, some string, some scizzors, some stuffing, and a needle. Keep the scizzors and needle away from your cats when doing this project! You don’t want your kitties to get hurt! Cut out two small circles of felt. Make them both the same. They’ll need to be about 2 and a half inches wide and two and a half inches tall. Then, cut out two small circle ears for the cat toys if you are making a mouse. If you are making a bird, than cut out a beak and two small wings. Thread your needle and sew the two circle together, leaving a small space to put in the stuffing. Once the circles are almost all sewed up, stuff the stuffing in! Then, sew up the whole c at toy so no stuffing can get out. Then, sew on the other pieces in the places that they should go. If, you like, you can draw on two small eyes and a nose for the mouse. You can also use buttons or felt. I just made the eyes by sewing on layers of string. For the mouse, you can tie on a yarn tail. After that, you are all finished! The last step is to show the cat the toy you made him/her and let your kitty play with it! Great job!

3. Another toy that your cat might enjoy is a cat nip toy! Cat nip is a special kind of plant that cats love. It is not poisiness. Take a pom-pom ball and cover it with a thin layer of clear glue. Then sprinkle the cat nip all over it! Wait for the glue to dry and then show your kitty the toy and let him/her play!

I hope that your cats will like these toys!

All of these cat toy ideas are great and your cat will probably like all of the toys that I gave directions on how to make. Thanks for reading and hope that you liked my post! Check back for more soon!


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