Pearl’s Birthday- in two days!

My kitty, Pearl, has her birthday- in two days! She will be turning one! Her birth day is on the 4th of July! If you would like to wish Pearlie a happy birthday, then you can send her a happy birthday note to You can also leave her a nice comment here.

For her birth day we will be having fire works and sparklers. We will also be having canned food for the kitties. Pearl will also be getting presents. My cousin bought her a toy mouse. I know some people got her little bags of toys (including two catnip balls and a pillow.) I sewed her a toy mouse. And the best thing that she’s getting? A ROOM!!! (Me and my cousin made it for her. Ok, it is a little weird to give a cat it’s very own room. But I know that Pearlie will like it for sure, and it is a neat idea. (Any way, it is just a large shelf-space in my closet. I’ve tested to see if kitties will like it with cousin’s kitten, Frisky. Frisky loved it, so I am sure that Pearlie will. I used light blue wrapping paper for the wall paper, an old blanket for the bed, (We glued on a felt-black cat face and Pearl’s name onto it. I put little soft pieces of doll furniture in it, a pillow, and I hung some toys on the ceiling of it so she could play with them and bat at them, and I put some toys on the floor of her room so she could hit them around and chase them. I taped up some 3D going around the top of the walls. It looks really good so far. I bet that Pearlie will love to hang out in it and play with her toys and sleep there when she gets tired.

I really hope to get some good birthday notes for Pearl and hope that you enjoyed reading my post.

Thanks for reading! Check back for more posts and pics soon!

Happy birthday Pearl!


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