Happy Birth Day Annie!

It’s my cat Annie’s first birthday! She is one now! She is still a kitten to me of course 🙂 She got canned food for her birthday as a treat, we made cookies, I hung up some happy birthday signs for her, and I made some little cat toys for her. I love to sew and make cat toys to give to my cats. I sewed two small green cats made of material for her. They turned out to be pretty cute cat toys! I am going to try to make Annie another one today so she can have three. Annie is so cute and sweet and I love her. I like how she lets you carry her around everywhere. She is so sweet. If you would like to wish Annie a happy birthday, then send a happy birthday note to her to lovablekitties@gmail.com. Yah, I know that it might sound silly to send a cat a birthday note, but all true cat lovers like me know that it isn’t. 🙂

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Happy birthday, Annie!


How to Stop Cat-Scratching Issues

Cats need to have a place to scratch. Scratching helps keep their claws from getting to sharp, it is fun for them, and it also exercises them. Many people’s cats have scratching issues- they might scratch furniture and things like that. Cats usually do this when they are bored, happy, or don’t have a scratching post or a cat toy that they can scratch on instead. You can usually stop cats from scratching things up by getting them a scratching post or other toy for cats to to scratch on. If they are scratching things up because they are bored, than try playing with them or giving them more attention. Get them scratching toys and other types of things that will entertain cats to give them other things to do. My cats love pom pom balls, yarn, squeak toys, and much more. Some cats might scratch furniture when they are happy. For example, when you come in the front door from a vacation or a trip to the store, your cat(s) might be happy to see you. Your cat might run over to a piece of furniture and began to scratch it to express it’s happiness. You can stop this from happening by giving it a scratching post or another cat toy to scratch on instead of furniture. I have one scratching post and three super scratchers, another kind of scratching toy for cats. We keep the three super scratcher by the door, so every time we come in the door, Vespa will run over to the super scratchers and began to scratch to express her happiness. Since, we keep those there for her, she does not scratch furniture. If you do get a scratching toy for your cat for it to scratch on and it still continues to scratch furniture, than try training your cat to scratch on it’s scratching toys instead by carrying it over to a scratching post or scratching toy every time you see it scratching somewhere else to show it where it is suppose to scratch things. Add cat nip, a special kind of plant that cats love, too a scratching toy. They will like it even more with that probably! Cat nip is safe for cats to play with. It is good to give a cat a scratching post or scratching toy when it is a kitten or when you first get it so it does not get a habit of scratching somewhere else. Try putting some treats on a scratching post to encourage your cat to scratch there. Or, give your cat a treat every time it scratches it’s scratching post or scratching toy! We even have a small toy mouse made for cats toy scratch on. They like it. Even my kitty Tabitha who does not have any claws since her previous cat-parent declawed her, likes to scratch the scratching toys that we have for our kitties! She just rubs her paws on them. Another thing that you can do to get a cat to stop scratching furniture is to put something like a big sheet over the piece of furniture that your cat is scratching on so your cat cannot damage it. We have scratching posts and scratching toys for our cats and they don’t scratch any furniture!

I do suggest that you deffintely do NOT declaw your cat to get it to stop scratching furniture. Declawing is harmful.

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Cats Like Little Spaces!

Many cats love to hide and sleep in little spaces. Yesterday, I found my kitty Hopper snoozing in the closet! Every time I open a drawer and my cat Annie is around, she will jump in! Sometimes, I can’t get her to come out, so I have to leave the drawer open. Hopper sometimes will get into open suit cases. We have a big yellow suit case that we keep open for him to use as a cat bed.

Cats like little spaces!

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Finding Ways to Help Cats Everywhere

Cats all are very sweet, and they need plenty of TLC and care. Adopting a cat is a very good thing to do, and there are billions of kitties to adopt- different breeds, different colors, different personalities. Did you know that over 70,000 kittens and puppies are born each day? There are many other things that you can do to help kitties everywhere. Here are some great ideas:

1. Volunteer at a Cat Humane Society or cat shelter. Cat shelters and Humane Societies are a great way to support and help cats that need homes. There are probably plenty of Humane Societies near you. Search your computer for ones near you. There are plenty of cat-only humane societies, the kind that I volunteer at. I even have one to volunteer at when I visit Georgia!

2. Volunteer at a vetranarian office! I’m not sure exactly what age they start to take in volunteers, but I think that you can start doing it at about age 15 or 16. It’s a great way to help cats  and other people with cats at the same time!

3. Have a lot of stray or feral cats in your neighbor hood? Why not bring a long piece of yarn or ribbon, or a feathery cat toy out to play with the kitties if you know that they are friendly? Why not put some water out for it and a small food dish so it has something to eat, or give it some treats? You can pet it if you like, just make sure that it is friendly so it does not try to scratch or bite you. Remember that cats can get scared of people that they do not know sometimes! And be sure to wash your hands very, very, well after touching a stray kitty because you don’t want to pass germs to other kitties of yours or other kitties that you know!

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Hey guys! I’m in Georgia right now with one of my kitties, Hopper! I probably won’t be able to write a lot while I’m here, but I am coming back tomorrow so you can check for more posts then. Hopper is doing great here… I’ve been having a lot of fun. I miss my other kitties so much but I know that the pet sitter has been giving them lots and lots of TLC and great care and play for the past two days that I have been here. We had to bring Hopper because Tabitha and him sometimes get into fights while we are gone. I am very glad that we brought him, because it’s always good to have a kitty companion with you! Please check back here soon for more posts soon- I’ll certainly try to write more tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

Kitty Safety

Keeping your cat safe is important. Keeping small things such as beads, tiny pieces of plastic, or candy in your cats reach is NOT a good thing to do. All of those things are examples or stuff that you need to keep your cat away from. Some cats might try to eat plants that you keep indoors. For example, if you keep a pot of flowers by the window or on the window ledge, your cat might decide to take a bite, and then keep eating it. Then, this may become a habit to your cat. Some plants are can be more harmful than others, but still, if you notice that your cat is eating or tempted to eat any type of plant, than you should deffintely put the plants somewhere your cat can not get to it, or you can put the plant outside. Some plants can not be in cold, cold, weather, and you have to move it inside during the Winter. If you have a plant that can not stay outside in cold weather and know that it can not be kept inside because your cat will eat it, than try putting the plant in the garage. If you know that your garage is way to cold, too in cold weather, than try moving your plant inside, but just put it in a place where your cat can not get to it. Hope that this tip helps! By the way, here’s a cool fact: There is one type of plant that your cat can eat or play with: Cat Nip! Cat Nip is a special kind of plant named after kitties, since that love to play with it and nip on it, and because it is safe for them.

Small items that your cats could eat, like beads, small pieces of plastic, and small pieces of candy are things that you need ti keep out of your cats reach. When using beads or or other small things that your kitty could get into, try using these things on a table so they don’t get lost on the floor. If one drops on the floor, than find it before your cat can. Some cats might try to get up on the table. If this is the case, than when you are using small things like beads, than maybe do it in a room with the door closed if you know that your cat is going to try to eat what you are using. Things like beads and other small pieces of plastic are things that your cat could easily choke on.

One thing that you do not want your cat to ever get onto while you are cooking is the stove. When cooking something on a stove, don’t let your cat near it. You do not want your kitty to get hurt! If your cat jumps up onto the stove while you are cooking, than immediately get your cat down. If your cat continues to do this, than try laying tin foil, aluninum foil, and maybe even clothes hangers around the stove. Cats hate aluninum foil and tin foil and clothes hangers, and they often will not go near it. If you put this around your stove, than there are less chances of your kitty getting hurt.

Hope that these tips help you to keep tour kitties even safer! PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR MORE POSTS SOON! Thanks for reading!

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Check Out freekibblekat.com!

Check out freekibblekat.com! At freekibblekat.com, you can donate kibble to kitties at shelters for FREE! Here’s how it works:

When you get to freekibblekat.com, there will be a small quiz question on the front page. Next, you click on your answer. After you answer the question, 10 pieces of kibble will be donated to shelter kitties, whether your answer is right or wrong! Isn’t that just wonderful? Once you answer the question, you feed a kitty for free!

Oh, and I’ll give you a tip: Try answering the quiz question every day so you can give lots and lots of food to shelter kitties!

Go to freekibblekat.com now by clicking on this link: freekibblekat.com !

Thanks for reading! Give me a comment if you happen to drop by freekibblekat.com if you like! Please check back for more posts soon!


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