The Problem and Solution

The Problem and the Ultimate Solution

Two of my cats, Hopper and Tabitha, will get into big fights every time that they walk past eachother.

Many people have a similar problem, and here, you can find the solution.

We seperated our house into two sections: Section A, (kitchen, living room, play room), and section B, bedrooms, living room 2, we have 2 living rooms, dining room, office). At night, when we can’t always be watching, (mostly cuz we’re sleeping ha ha), we close the door that connects the kitchen to the dining room, and the door that connects the play room to one of the bed rooms, creating a section A and a section B! We keep the Pearl, Tabitha, and Annie, the black kitties, in section B, (bedrooms, dining room, office, living room,) and Hopper and Vespa in section B, (play room, kitchen, living room 2). This way, Tabitha and Hopper can’t fight, and in the day, they can all be together!

Hope that you enjoyed my post! Check back for more soon! And I hope that this post helps!

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Kitties n’ Clothes Contest!

Remember, we are still waiting for some more awesome entries for the Kitties n’ Clothes Contest!!! Winner will have his/her design posted here at! Just follow the easy steps below to enter:

1. You don’t actually have to dress your cat up in clothes. Just draw a picture of a cat in an out fit that you think would look cute on a kitty! Be creative. Your design does not have to be perfect. You do not have to have a cat to enter, just draw a picture of a cat in a cute, cool out fit!

2. Send a photo of your drawn design to And then….

3. I will pick the entry that I think is best and it will be posted here at! (And, don’t worry- if you don’t win, then don’t feel bad- you still did great!)

Also, just wanted to tell everyone that you are not required to share your last name, age, ect. If you don’t want to share your first name, then you do not have too. You can even just use a nick name! We would like everyone to have fun in this contest and enjoy it!

Remember, please send your entry to:

… just in case you forgot : )

Hope to receive some wonderful entries soon!!!



I just got back from Florida and it is very exciting to see my kitties1 I love them soooooo much and they are so cute. They all were happy to see me and i was happy to see them 🙂 Remember, you can still enter the the Kitties n’ Clothes Contest! Click HERE for more details and directions on how to enter! Pet sitter says that my cats all did great while I was gone. I love them so much!

I will post more soon! Keep checking back!

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Update on the kitties

The cat sitter sent us a text that the cats were doing good… I am in Florida still right now… Yesterday we went to the beach and caught 14 crabs. today we went to an amusement park. We went to the beach today and it was great! Big waves! Today was my cousin Patty’s birthday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTY!!! I miss my kitties, but I know that I will see them soon. It is great to know that they are doing good… I will post more soon! Love my kitties!

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Why Cats Should Not Drink Milk

Lots of cats love milk, but it is not always good for them. Read this article to find out why cats should not drink milk:

Though cats may like milk, it is not always good for them. Even the littlest bit of milk can be too fattening for a kitty. It is much, much better for cats to stick to water. Also, milk is not quite as healthy for kitties. Sometimes, kittens can have milk since they are so small, but I have heard that dairy is just not good for cats. Some cats may get over weight from having too much dairy or milk. Ok, ok. I guess that it’s ok just to give your cat or kitten some milk as a treat every once in a while. But I never give it to mine because it is not that good for them. Milk is not that healthy for kitties.

Just a reminder: Keep fresh water out for your pet(s) at all times and be sure to keep water bowls or dishes clean.

Kitties ‘n Clothes Contest! remember to enter the Kitties ‘n Clothes contest! Click here for more details and directions on how to enter!

Here’s an update on what’s going on:

I am still in Florida now… I
miss my kitties more and more every day! But, I am having lots of fun here. I know that the pet sitter has been taking great care of my kitties though, and that I will see them in a week. I still miss them though!

I love cats! =^. .^=


Here in Florida!

I am in Destin, Florida right now! So beautiful! I miss my kitties so, so, so much! I know that the pet sitter is taking great care of them though and giving them lots of TLC and luv. I miss them very much, but I will be seeing them in a week from now, so I won’t be away from them for too long. I love them! Here’s what’s been going on our first day of our vacation in FL:

It has been a lot of fun in Florida so far! We just got here today, SUCH a long drive. We have our very own POOL at the house that we are staying at ! ! ! We went to the ocean this evening, and we caught three crabs. (We set them free right away though.) I love the feeling of the soft sand here in Florida and I love the beautiful ocean. The beach house that we are staying in is great. Tonight, I saw my first shooting star!!

We usually stay up late when we go on vacations and watch TV. ( We don’t usually watch TV in the day on vacations- that’s when it’s time for the POOL and the BEACH and FUN!) I’ve actually been ENJOYING the commercials. Usually, when watching commercials, I just wait for the show to come on again, but it’s a whole different story with commercials that have to do with KITTIES or FASHION. That’s one of the “benefits” with the commercials on the TV so far! Lots and lots of commercials to do with cats. I love, love, love cat commercials because they, well, for one, are so so so so so cute! And two, because they are usually a commercial about a certain type of cat litter, cat food, cat grooming accesories, cat toys, cat shows ect., so you can find out the latest new cat-care things, and cute, cool shows that have to with kitties! And for three, commercials about pets and cats tell you about discountz that you can get on cat food and other things for your kitties! (:

I’ll write more soon and hope that you enjoyed! I’ll try to get a post in tomorrow at toward the evening. So keep checking back!

I love my kitties! =^. .^=


Kitty n’ Clothes Contest- ENTER TODAY!!!

Enter the kitties n’ clothes contest today! Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to dress your cat up in a costume. Just follow the easy steps below:

1. Get creative and think of something that a cat would look really cute in. You do not have to have a cat to do this- just think of an original out fit that you think that any kitty would look adorable in!

2. Design it! Draw a picture of a cat wearing the out fit! (If you have trouble drawing cats, then you may just draw the out fit.) Get creative!

3. Take a photo of the picture you drew and send it to my gmail: Include your first name. If you have a cat, than you are welcome to share its name!

4. The winner will get their design posted here at! I will notify you if you win by sending you an email back. Also, everyone else who entered will get a “congratulations!” email sent to them!

Thanks for reading and hope that you enter! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at:! The contest starts TODAY and ends on Sep. the 17th. Have fun!

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