Traveling… With 5 Felines

 This week, I am traveling to Georgia!! Yay!

What will make the trip even better is that I will be acompanied by my five felines when we go!!

I always enjoy bringing my cats on vacation! It is more fun, and you never start to miss your felines during the trip if you have them with you rather than leaving them at home! It is also less expensive to travel with your felines. You do not have to pay to have them stay home with a pet sitter, or pay to board them at a kitty hotel. You can just travel with them. I enjoy having my felines with me wherever I go.

 To have the best experience traveling with my PURRFRECT kitties, I always place their carriers in a place where they can see and hear me in the car. This is a good idea, because it keeps your kitties from getting afraid or not knowing where you are. Felines tend to feel more comfortable when you are present.

 I always am always sure to use good cat carriers. If your felines have hard carriers, it is a good idea to put a soft towel at the bottom of the carrier so your kitty feels comfortable.

 I like to give my cats toys to travel with. Don’t put a super small cat toy in your cats crate. It could fall out. Put good toys that your cat likes into your cat’s carrier– ones that won’t fall out. Or, you cvan pack toys in a suit case to

 present to your kitty when you arrive at your destination. 

I love to travel with felines! I hope that my tips and ideas help to make traveling with pets as easy as can be! Thanks for reading!








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