It’s not Just the Tree that’s Decorated!

Hopper is decorated, too!

He is colored!

Now your first thought probably was “what does that mean???” But you’d have to see for your self to believe it! We woke up this morning… and came down stairs… And one of my cats Hopper had red and green marker all over him!!!! It is so cute but it is messy. Right now I have some of his Christmas green marker stained on my hand! We will have t give him a bath later, but right now, we are enjoying his Christmas decor!

I’ll try my best to post a picture soon.



Add a Touch of Cat Nip

My cats have recently been having lots of fun with cat nip. Cat nip is a plant that is safe for cats to play with, smell, and even eat or lick a little bit.

I sprinkled some cat nip out for my cats and they went crazy! They loved it. Tabitha and Annie both were covered in small, green pieces of the cat-safe plant by the time they were done! Vespa enjoyed it, too. She rolled around and played with the cat nip for awhile, untill she got annoyed when Annie and Tabitha joined in. So we put some more cat nip in a separate place for just Vespa to play with. Pearl did not have much interest in the cat nip. Some cats like it more than others. Hopper came down, and he liked the cat nip and rolled around in it for a while. But I think that Vespa enjoyed the cat nip most!

I’ll write more soon!