Healthy, Happy Cats

Hi everyone! Well, first of all, today is my birth day. Today, I would like to share with everyone how to keep their cats not only happy, but healthy on the holidays.

Now, you may wonder why I am writing this post at first. You might wonder what felines have to do with the holidays. But believe me, cats have to do with holidays a lot, and you’ll under stand once you read this article.

The festive feline

Have you noticed festive feline climb up the Christmas tree? Does she eat the turkey and side dishes at your Thanks Giving Dinner? Does she pull the ornaments off the Christmas tree? These quick tips below will help to keep your feline safe and happy for the holidays.

1. Cats do enjoy climbing up the Christmas tree, but it can be dangerous. They could fall off, the Xmas Tree could fall down, or your cat might push an ornament down by mistake, and the ornament could shatter, leaving dangerous glass or sharp pieces all over the floor. Someone could step on it and this could lead to injury. There are not many ways to stop your cat from climbing up the tree, but you can close the doors to the room that the tree is in. You should never have fake snow on your tree. It may hurt your cat. I suggest not to put up any too-small or hazardous decorations. Your cat might try to eat them.

2. At Thanks Giving dinner this year, you may think that it won’t hurt to give your cat a sliver or two of your food, but different human foods CAN hurt a cat, especially chocolate. Do research on what types of food you kitty can share with you. Most meats are okay to give to cats, but the meat must be cooked. When we have ham burgers and hot dogs, we are always sure to share with our feline friends, because hot dogs and ham burgers are normally not toxic to cats (with out things added, like ketchup, mustard, rellish, ect.) I would say that there is no harm in serving your kitty a plate of turkey this year (if your cat is use too it,) but always be sure to not feed your kitty anything that you are not sure about. It is also ok to give your kitty kat certain types of fish. Every time I have salmon or tuna, my cats share it with me. the even some times lick off of my dish!! No kidding.

3. Many people celebrate holidays with candles, but with felines in the house, this is usually a bad idea. Candles often have certain scents that might attract your curious little cat. Candles can easily injure you or your feline. Either keep all candles in a safe place where your feline cannot get to them, or exclude candles from your holiday decoration+celebration.

Thanks for reading! Hope that you have the best and most happy, healthy holiday with you and your feline this year!


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Everything Cat

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Cat Stuff

Well, everyone knows that it’s almost Halloween. When I think of Halloween, the very first thing I think of is an adorable little cat, of any kind, dressed up in adorable Halloween costume. So, yesterday, we decided that we’d dress our cat Tabitha up in a little costume.

So, I took a little red and green Christmas sweater, with a picture of a pumpkin and a gourd on it, and we picked up Tabitha, and slowly slid the adorable sweater onto her. Then, we grabbed a bracelet and some sun glasses, and we put those on her as well. and then, to make her look like she was going on a mall shopping day to buy some clothes, we carefully slid a couple dollars under her paw. We were able to snap a few pictures that I will post on here soon!

Also, I wanted to tell everyone that we finally got some entries in the Kitties n’ Clothes Contest! I will try to get our winner’s entries posted her today or tommorow!!!

One more thing- we are starting something here at called “The Breed of the Month!” !!!

So, what it is basically is that every month, we pick specific cat breed- called the breed of the month! This month, the breed is… black cats! Since it’s close to Halloween! So, through out the month, I will post some cool facts about this breed.

Also, one of the coolest parts of the breed of the month is that if you have the breed of cat that is the breed of the month, than you can send me a picture of it!!! Then, I will pick one of the pictures to be posted here at!!! And, then, if your picture is selected… than you get to pick the next breed of the month!!!!

Hope that you enjoyed my posts! I will post our winner’s entry for the KItties n’ Clothes Contest very soon! I also hope to get some pictures of black cats soon… cuz they are the breed of the month! If you have a picture of a black cat to share, since they are the breed of the month, then send it to my gmail @:!!!

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Black Cats + Halloween

Halloween, for me, is very enjoyable holiday, and time of the year. I am being a cat (again!) this year. Last year, I was a cat, too. Me and my cousin both dressed up as cats last year… and we both are this year! We are being matching cats! So, anyway, everyone knows that Halloween has A LOT to do with black cats. I love black cats! After all, three of the five of my cats are black. Halloween, to me, is a time to love black cats!

Now, as you know, some of the crazy people out in the world don’t like black cats. They think that they are bad luck. But, obviously, black cats are not bad luck– they are the greatest luck you could ever get! All cats are the greatest luck that you could ever get!!!

I don’t know where people get craaaaaaaaaazy superstitions about black cats. And around Halloween, people start having a lot of superstitions about black cats sometimes…
which kinda scares me… cuz I love black cats! I don’t want people to not like them or have superstitions about them!!!

Around Halloween, shelters limit the adoptions of black cats. They do not want crazy people to try to take them and do bad things to them.

I say that everyone should see Halloween as a time to love black cats. Not hate them.

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Do Your Cats Get Cold?

It is Fall now. Pretty cold today. My cats seemed to be a little bit cold, too. They have been curling up in warm places and on warm beds. That’s why I got a cute little sweater for them! It will probably only fit Pearl and Tabitha, but it is super cute.

It is more of a Christmas-Fall sweater. It has a green collar, and green sleeves, and there is a green stripe around the bottom, Then, tit has a picture of a pumpkin and a gourd on the front, and the rest is red.

I hope that the cats will let us put it on them (cuz after all, it is cold and it is also just so super cute for kitties to be wearing clothes)!
To keep your cat warm when it’s cold out, you can get a warm cat bed, or if they’ll let you– put them in a sweater :), you can also wrap your cat up in a nice warm blanket, put it in your lap, and let it curl up, and fall asleep. How cute!

You can even buy heated cat beds sometimes… to keep your kitty extra extra warm this Fall and Winter!!!

Sphinx cats especially get cold in Winters. People commonly buy their Sphinx a sweater or a heated cat bed to keep it warm. As you know, Sphinx cats have no fur.

And remember, THE KITTIES N’ CLOTHES CONTEST IS GOING ON FOR 3 MORE DAYS! To enter, just draw a cool picture of a cat in a cute out fit. Be creative! Then, take a photo of the picture and send the photo to my gmail: Then, I will pick the best entry and it will win! I will surely notify our winner. THE WINNER WILL HAVE THEIR ENTRY POTED HERE AT!!!

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 Hi everyone! …

Hi everyone! We are at Hilton Head Island right now! It is so much fun! The beach is nothing like Florida. It is very different. Darker water, darker sand. At Florida, the ocean water is as clear as a swimming pool and the sand is almost as white as snow! I like them both though. I miss my kitties. The pet sitter says that they are doing good. It would be cool if my cats could read! Then I could send them emails while I’m gone! While we go on vacation, we have to put our cats in different parts of the house cuz two of our cats, Hopper and Tabitha, will fight when they are together! We always prepare our cats with fresh water, food, and a clean litter box before we leave. Read the post below (Good Tips For You and Your Kitty Before You go on Vacation) for great tips to follow before you go on vacation and leave your pet with a pet sitter. I’ve really been enjoying going to the beach while I’m here on Hilton Head Island. While I’m there, I began to wonder, “What would my cats do on the beach?” I’m guessing that if any cat went on the beach, they would get scared of all of the people and the crashing of the waves, or be delighted by the smell of fish!

Also, just wanted to tell everyone that the Kitties n’ clothes Contest is going on for 5 more days!!! To enter, just draw a picture of a cat in a cute, cool out fit. Be creative! Then, take a photo of the drawing and then send the photo to my gmail:! Then, I will pick the best entry (I might pick two if I can’t decide on one that’s best:) then you can come and check to see if your’s won! I will send you an email back if your entry wins!

Well, I’m off to the beach! Hope to get some entries in the Kitties n’ Clothes Contest soon! I’ll write more in a little bit!



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