It’s not Just the Tree that’s Decorated!

Hopper is decorated, too!

He is colored!

Now your first thought probably was “what does that mean???” But you’d have to see for your self to believe it! We woke up this morning… and came down stairs… And one of my cats Hopper had red and green marker all over him!!!! It is so cute but it is messy. Right now I have some of his Christmas green marker stained on my hand! We will have t give him a bath later, but right now, we are enjoying his Christmas decor!

I’ll try my best to post a picture soon.



Cat Photography

Hi! Sorry I haven’t been writing lot lately! We have been busy!

I wanted to write a post today about how important cat photography is to me.
I think cat photography is better than any other kind. Something about those beautiful close-ups of a cat’s face– and those gorgeous photos of a cats rollings around happily in a flower bed, or a kitten hiding in a bucket– oh, they’re so pretty!

Felines are beautiful. I love to snap photos of them. Every time you see your cat doing something special– or you just have got to take a pic of your kitten’s amazing face– just pull out your camera!

Sometimes, your cat may pull a stunt that you may never be able to witness again, so it is always a good idea to snap a picture of your cat, even he/she is just doing something simple.

Sometimes, when photographing your favorite feline, or really any animal, you might find it hard to get it to look over at the camera, or it might walk out of the scene, if you know what I mean. Here are some tips to help you get the purrfect pic!

1. To get your cat to look at the camera, you can try making quite noises that may attract the cat to look at the camera. May be tap your kitty on the head so she will look over.

2. To find the perfect seen, sometimes you have to wait untill your cat finds one. When you see your cat in an amazing view, than go ahead, pull out your camera, snap a picture! Find cute, cool places to set your cat on to make an awesome picture with a cool back ground seen.

3. When you don’t think you can take a good photo of your cat, just remember my advice: it doesn’t have to be anything amazing, or anything too fascinating! Just start by taking pictures of your feline, and see what you think is cool!

Thanks for reading! check back for more posts soon! hope that you can take some good feline photos– with my advice and tips!

Maybe i can post some cat photography soon!

From ~lovablekitties~

Winning Entries for Kitties in Clothes Contest!!!


We loved every single one of all the entries so much and we chose these two as our favorites!! We had a hard time deciding on the perfect entry– but we finally decided that these two had the best, most detailed, most original, and most cutest cat pictures!! Here are our two first prize entries below:


Here is AC’s Kitties in Clothes Contest entry!! I love  the detail and especially the out fits! Both of the entries tied for first place!! I love the beautiful, blue dress that the cat on the top right is wearing. So adorable! We love your entry, AC!


This is Patty’s Kitties in Clothes Contest entry! My favorite one of her Kitties in Clothes Picture is the Wedding Cats picture. So cute! The one below that one shows a cat in a school uniform, the third one of her winning pictures shows a cat on a mall shopping day, and the fourth one of her winning pictures shows an adorable cat in a beach out fit!! Love your entries, Patty!

 We hope that every one loved our winner’s entries!!!!! Once again, thank you to all who entered! We love your Winning Entry Pictures, Patty and AC! Thanks everyone for your entries! We love our first prize entries by AC and Patty!!! 🙂

Thanks for reading, everyone!! Check back for more posts soon! Loved all the entries!